Some of you might be thinking ‘HOW can they grow my wealth’. In this article, we will explain how Nichol Smith Investments can grow your wealth.


Treat it like a Business.

First of all, we love all things Property. While Investing in Property can be fun it is definitely a business. We put in 100% effort into everything property related, for example, market research, housing trends, and creating professional networks to support our service to build your portfolio. We absolutely do NOT make investments based on emotional factors or because we think a property looks like a good buy. Our Property Sourcing team are fully focused on your investment criteria, and finding properties based on these facts.

Know Our Limits.

We establish early on exactly how much you’re going to need to invest of your own money and have a realistic view of what constitutes ‘overstretching’ yourself. In a modern housing market that requires significant deposits (around 25%) and a host of other legal costs, we will you take everything into consideration at the outset, to ensure no costly mistakes arise.

One Property At a Time.

Identifying a potential property, researching the area and all the things that are involved in a house purchase, requires a lot of time and effort. This is why at the outset at least, we concentrate on acquiring one property at a time.

Buy Low Sell High.

Now, this might seem pretty obvious and of course, you want to sell higher than what you buy property for, but what we’re primarily talking about here is to be aware of market conditions at any given time.  House prices do fluctuate therefore buying below market value will help to protect your investment.

Add Value.

We aim to acquire properties on your behalf at below market value. Often these below market value homes require a degree of renovation, which means not only are we buying properties at below value, we are also adding value. This allows us to gain a significant amount of equity in our homes, and therefore leverage finance to return some money into our savings to move on and buy the next property.

Long Term Compounding.

Although we buy Properties primarily for their cash flow, we can also benefit from compound interest over time. At Nichol Smith Investment, we aim to buy properties that fit our investment criteria and keep them long term to benefit from compound interest. This allows our clients to have positive cash flow from the asset every month, but also sell a property for far higher value from the initial purchase price.

Renovations (Buy to Flip).

Some of our clients prefer to invest money short term in Property for a fixed return on investment. In this instance, we leverage your wealth to buy a property to renovate and sell the property within a fixed time frame to return your money plus interest. This can be used to grow our client’s investment funds or savings.

We hope you are excited about the possibilities for growing your wealth. It’s what we are passionate about and we can’t wait to hear how we could help you build your property portfolio. If you would like to know more information about how we can grow your wealth through property, please book a call with us.