The Story of Our Latest HMO:

Taylor Swift Bought Me a House

Now that the dust has settled from Taylor Swift’s record-breaking concerts in Edinburgh last weekend let me set the scene: When you’re in the property investment game, you know every purchase has a unique story. But this one? It takes the cake. Or should I say, the concert ticket?

The Hunt for a New HMO

Let me set the scene: Recently, we were on the hunt for a new property to convert into a student HMO (House in Multiple Occupation). We found a promising flat that seemed perfect for our plans. The only catch? The place was swarming with potential buyers, all eager to snap it up. Clearly, this family—a father, mother, and daughter—would get a great price for their beloved home.

The Swift Connection

As I toured the flat, something caught my eye: Taylor Swift posters. And I mean everywhere. I casually asked the mum and daughter if they were fans. Their eyes lit up as they told me how huge Swifties they were. I couldn’t help but ask if they had tickets for her concert at Murrayfield. They didn’t—apparently, those tickets were like gold dust.

Building Rapport

We continued chatting and building a rapport. When it came to discussing price, they gave me a number within our range. I asked if they’d accept my offer in cash through my solicitor and take the house off the market. They agreed, and I left feeling optimistic.

A Disappointing Setback

But, as these things often go, the next day brought disappointment. They had decided not to accept the offer due to the high demand.

A Swift Solution

Determined, I booked another viewing for that evening. This time, I had an ace up my sleeve. I came prepared with two spare tickets to the Taylor Swift concert. During our discussion, I pulled out the tickets and made a proposition: if they accepted the original price we had agreed upon, I’d throw in the tickets. The look on the mum and daughter’s faces will stay with me forever. They turned to the dad with expressions that left no room for negotiation.

Sealing the Deal

And just like that, the deal was done. We got the house, and they got the experience of a lifetime at the Taylor Swift concert.

A Newfound Swifty

So, it’s official—I’m now a Swifty, too! And that’s the tale of how Taylor Swift indirectly helped us secure our latest student HMO. Sometimes, it’s not just about the money but about finding that perfect sweetener to make a deal irresistible.

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