Why Invest in Edinburgh?


Edinburgh, without question, is a beautiful place to live in. Its rich history, innovation and creativity, iconic architecture, and vibrant culture make Edinburgh a desirable place to live, work, visit, and study.

This is exactly the reason why Edinburgh remains to be a hotspot in property investment. Seasoned property developers and investors have firsthand experienced success in investing in Edinburgh, while aspiring property investors see the potential towards building equity and wealth. 

There are numerous other reasons why you should invest in Edinburgh. The obvious reason is just the beginning. Let me dive in deeper and tell you why it is wise to invest in Edinburgh.


World-Class Education

Edinburgh is home to The University of Edinburgh, a high calibre university that is consistently on top. Currently occupying the 16th in the 2022 QS World University rankings. Other high ranking and performing universities are Edinburgh Napier University and Heriot-Watt University. This alone attracts local and international students that make up 20 per cent of the population.


Booming Tourism

Edinburgh is the 2nd most visited city outside London, with over 13 million visitors each year.

From family days out to cultural discovery, Edinburgh has many top attractions to satisfy everyone, including some of Scotland’s most visited free and paid-for attractions. In addition, the city’s backdrop of Arthur’s Seat, the Pentland Hills and Edinburgh’s Waterfront make the city an amazing place to live. 


Green Space

Edinburgh has more green space than any other UK city. The city’s well known green spaces include Holyrood Park and Royal Botanical Garden. In addition, the outskirts of the city feature major green spaces such as the coastal Dalmeny Estate, the semi-natural Cammo Estate, and the Pentland Hills Regional Park. 

To make sure Edinburgh remains the beautiful green city that it is, the Edinburgh City Council has approved plans to spend over £4m improving parks and green spaces across the capital. Thus, attracting more tourists to the city.


Population Growth

In terms of population, Edinburgh currently has around 542,599 residents. But, according to National Records Scotland, Edinburgh is growing fast. They say that within 25 years, the population could rise. Edinburgh City Council says Edinburgh could be bigger than Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow, by 2032. Foresight into the demand of property prices and rents in the future.



The ongoing projects and plans for the city are one reason why Edinburgh is currently thriving and why so many investors and residents plan to put down roots here. 

Regeneration will help to modernise the capital and promote the already existing features the city has. Many redevelopment plans are in place for the capital, including the St James Quarter and The Johnnie Walker experience. These upcoming builds will attract even more visitors, tourists, and tenants to Edinburgh.


Efficient Transport System

According to Andrew White, head of residential at Collier’, “The city’s compact size means that for business or pleasure, Edinburgh is easy to traverse by foot or the efficient transport system.”

Ease of transportation is a factor in choosing a home, and Edinburgh is a city that can be easily accessed and travelled. Either you travel by foot or travel using their transport system, you can be sure to reach your destination with ease.


The Future is Even Brighter…

The future of Edinburgh is looking optimistic. New developments are underway to improve the capital. Population and opportunities also keep on growing. With these factors and the reasons mentioned above, property investors are looking into a brighter investment future. 

And despite the global pandemic, Edinburgh’s property market remains resilient and continues to thrive. 


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