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Project Management

Many of our investors were initially held off getting into property due to the inevitable time-consuming project management process that comes hand in hand with any form of property development. Not only will our team find fantastic opportunities, negotiate the deal and acquire assets on your behalf, we can also manage your development project so you are completely hands-free. You invest the capital, we put in the hard work, you achieve your desired return on investment hassle free.

Property Sourcing

Finding the right property can be a lengthy and stressful process. Taking the plunge and committing to a property can go one of two ways. Why not let us put in the leg work for you. We have regular access to off-market opportunities, with significant discounts against market value, meaning all you need to do is sit back and pick one of our properties that fit your investment criteria.

Joint Venture

We would be delighted to hear from you if you wish to partner with us on some of our own ventures. No matter your experience, knowledge or investment capital, we would love to hear from you. We joint venture with people all over the world to achieve a great return on investments for all parties involved. All Joint Ventures with Nichol Smith Investments are formalised to protect the interests of all parties.

Why Choose Nichol Smith Investments


Here at Nichol Smith Investments, we have a team of solicitors to ensure legally binding contracts are in place to protect your investments. Every member of our team has a wealth of experience in their field and have been delivering excellent results for our clients for many years.

Due Diligence

Completing thorough research on any property project is at the heart of what we do. We go through any proposed deal with a fine tooth comb to ensure no stone is left unturned before proceeding with an investment. This is why we can guarantee a fixed return on investment for short and long term investments.


Clarity, honesty, and integrity are at the heart of Nichol Smith Investments. We allow our investors to keep track of the progress of projects, observe a return on investments on all their properties, and allow flexibility with investments to fit individual circumstances if these were to change.

About Us

Our Team

At Nichol Smith Investments we pride ourselves on our professional approach. We strive to provide superior service and deliver outstanding projects through collaboration and knowledge sharing, backed by experience, service, and attention to detail.

Why Property

Investing in property has always been a reliable market to grow your wealth. We can show you how we can protect and grow your investment, even in a market downturn. We make short term profit on buying and renovating properties and benefit from compound growth when properties are held long term.

Our Values/Approach

We strive to provide our clients with excellent customer service and guaranteed return on investments. We continually reflect on projects and review feedback from our clients regularly to keep our service first class. We only work with a select group of clients at any one time, allowing us to dedicate our time to protect your investment and grow your wealth.

Our Process
Set Objectives

We will arrange a meeting with you in person or via phone to discuss how we could help you grow your wealth using property. We will discuss strategies, current assets, and future planning.

Secure Return

Once we have agreed on strategies to grow your wealth, we will agree on investment criteria to ensure we can deliver a guaranteed return on investment. Once we have sourced a property that fits your criteria for investing, we will draw up a legal document to protect your investment and ensure you are confident moving forward.

Review Agreement

We will keep in touch with you at routine intervals to ensure we continue to invest your assets in line with your investment criteria. If personal circumstances change we can review our original strategic plan for growing your wealth and adjust it accordingly.

Why Property?

The Strongest Asset Class

Everyone needs a roof over their head, whether they rent or own their own home. As a basic necessity, housing will always be in demand – it will always have value because we simply can’t live without it, which gives property the advantage over shares with less risk and greater stability over time – in other words, property is as “safe as houses”.

Property considered the strongest asset class

Benefit from capital growth, can exceed 6% year on year

High return on investment from Buy to Let properties.

Mortgage interest rates are at an all time low

Investing in property is far less volatile than shares

Demand in most major cities far outweighs supply

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