Hands-Free Property Investing Explained


Here at Nichol Smith Investments, we offer hands-free investing for our clients. But what do we mean by hands-free? This article will talk you through exactly what we do as a property investment company.

Firstly we’ll source a property for you that matches your investment criteria, for example, a two to three-bed property with an estimated value of £130,000 to £160,000. We aim to find you a property at below market value. This ensures our clients make money when they buy.

Next, we’ll carry out any necessary works to the property ensuring a high standard of finish and optimise the rental value of the property. We manage this process on your behalf meaning no hassle for you or time commitment required. This means we have added value to our client’s property. We often recommend refinancing the property after a set period of time, normally 6 months, to the higher valuation, allowing clients to pull out some of the money they initially invested in the property.

We then hand the property over to a trusted letting agent to manage the property thereafter. They will ensure a tenant is vetted before the tenancy starts and will take care of any maintenance issues with the property on an on-going basis.

We provide a first-class service to ensure our clients reinvest with us year after year. Although we offer a portfolio building service for our clients, we also offer another property service. If clients don’t want to own property themselves but do want to invest their money in property, we can offer a fixed return on their investment annually. 

If you’re interested in investing in property but would like to discuss your situation further, click the button below to book a call with me.