Property Staging: Everything You Need to Know


Property Staging is a relatively new concept in the UK, but our counterparts over the pond have been staging homes for years. This article aims to highlight some of the benefits of staging your home for sale or let.

Home staging, also known as property styling or property presentation, is preparing a home to looks its best. Usually, the aim of making a property look top-notch is to help it sell fast and for the best possible price. Sometimes homes that look great on the outside can sit on the market for months on end with little interest, but staging can go a long way in getting a lot of bang for your buck.

According to UK property analysts,, homes that have been staged before selling can fetch up to 10-15% more than the competition. That doesn’t always mean investing more money on your home before putting it on the market; it can be as simple as decluttering and being smart about your choice of decor – if you have the time and ability something is always better than nothing.

If you don’t have the budget, you can still spend some time and effort making your home look its best. Clearing any clutter will allow the buyer to easily envision themselves living there. Try and tidy all non-essential items away into storage, whether that be an attic, garage or storage unit. Ensure any minor DIY repairs take place before viewers come round, like fixing any leaky taps or repairing any dents/scuffs in walls. This limits the number of jobs a buyer will feel they need to do when they move in. Give your home a deep clean if you can to ensure buyers attention is not drawn away from your beautiful home. In terms of decor, do your best to lighten your home for viewings. A few strategic lamps can help make your home feel bright and homely. Last but by no means least the area outside your home. Tidy this as best as you can, and if possible, make sure windows are cleaned, freshen up or replace any potted plants, and grab yourself a new doormat. First impressions are vital!

If this sounds like too much work, call in the professionals. We have used professional property stagers in the past for properties we were putting on the market, and they are worth their weight in gold. Not only will they save you a massive amount of hassle, but they will also make your home look fantastic. Property staging companies will discuss your needs, for example, requirements for furniture, and will often visit your home before providing a quote for their service.

Property stagers will bring everything from beds to lamps, to throws, to pictures to make your home look dreamy. Stagers tend to be qualified interior design experts, but they also rent you furniture and home accessories perfect for your home. You’ll not own any of the items they bring to your home; you will just rent them for a specified period of time. Often stagers will leave their furnishings with you for as long as you need them, typically 8-12 weeks. Some can provide you with furnishings for your professional photos only; therefore a top tip is to check the rental period with them when discussing your quote. 

In terms of cost, this will vary hugely depending on your individual needs. The number of rooms, soft furnishings required, and pieces of furniture needed will all affect the cost of the service. Also, the timeframe may come in to play. Deciding how long you need to rent the furnishings for and how soon you require their services will also play a part in cost.

Do we think it’s value for money? We would always recommend thinking about the cost of staging your property versus the risk of not staging your home. If you know it will help your home sell quicker, it should be factored in as an essential cost of moving home. In terms of achieving a higher sale price, we personally do not think anyone could ever be certain exactly how much value it could add to your home during the sale process. You will definitely attract more buyers to come and view your home, and that’s always a good thing when you’re looking to sell. 

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