Restoring Charm:

The Leith Colonies Project

Nestled within the historic Leith Colonies of Edinburgh, the Leith Colonies project represents a unique opportunity to revive a property steeped in charm and potential. Despite the challenges posed by its location at the end of a tight road, we recognised the intrinsic value of this residence and embarked on a journey to breathe new life into its storied walls.

Project Overview

Initially utilised as a 3-bedroom double upper, the property had to be sold as a 1-bedroom single story due to a lack of a building warrant for the staircase. This presented us with an immediate opportunity to add value. 

Challenges Faced

One of the primary challenges of the Leith Colonies project centred around the non-compliant staircase, which had served its purpose for over 40 years but required rectification to meet current building regulations. Addressing this issue involved obtaining planning permission and navigating regulatory hurdles effectively. Fortunately, our team’s extensive experience and expertise in property development enabled us to devise a strategic approach and navigate the planning process smoothly, ensuring compliance without compromising quality or efficiency.

Investment Details

Funding for the Leith Colonies project was secured through private investor finance, offering individuals the opportunity to participate in a promising investment venture. Investors received a percentage return on their initial investment.

Project Execution

With a clear vision and strategic approach, our team addressed the staircase issue while maximising the property’s potential. Through careful planning and innovative solutions, we navigated the regulatory hurdles and rectified the non-compliant staircase, ensuring compliance without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Success Metrics

Completing the Leith Colonies project represented a significant achievement, symbolising our ability to overcome obstacles and revitalise properties to their original grandeur. By addressing the staircase issue and returning the property to its intended layout, we significantly enhanced its attractiveness to potential buyers. As a result, we successfully positioned it as a coveted residence in the highly sought-after Leith Colonies neighbourhood.

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How to Get Involved

Investors looking to participate in similar projects can partner with our company to capitalise on lucrative investment opportunities. By joining forces with us, investors can benefit from our expertise and track record in identifying and transforming properties for maximum value.


The Leith Colonies project exemplifies our commitment to innovation and perseverance in facing challenges. As we seek opportunities to revitalise properties and unlock their potential, we invite investors to join us on this journey of growth and success.

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