Refining Comfort:

The Moat Terrace Project

Nestled in the vibrant Gorgie area, the Moat Terrace project is a testament to our dedication to transforming properties into havens of comfort and style. From its humble beginnings as a one-bedroom flat acquired at a bargain price, this project demonstrates our commitment to maximising value and enhancing our portfolio of single-let properties.

Project Overview

The acquisition of Moat Terrace marked an exciting opportunity to expand our portfolio and breathe new life into a neglected property. The property’s prime location held immense potential for investment and growth.

Challenges Faced

Despite its promising location, Moat Terrace presented its challenges. Most notably, it is on the top floor, and getting materials in or out is always challenging. The property required a comprehensive refurbishment, including a complete rewire, kitchen renovation, and bathroom overhaul. However, it was the old shower—a quirky feature that left a lasting impression on our team—that truly stood out amidst the renovation process.

Investment Details

As with all our projects, funding for the Moat Terrace refurbishment was secured through private investor finance, providing individuals with an opportunity to participate in a lucrative investment venture. Investors received a percentage return on their initial investment.

Project Execution

With a skilled team and a clear vision, the refurbishment of Moat Terrace proceeded quickly and efficiently. From the meticulous planning of the rewiring to installing a modern kitchen and bathroom, every aspect of the project was executed with precision and care. The result was a stunning transformation that exceeded our expectations and breathed new life into the property.

Success Metrics

Completing the Moat Terrace project marked a significant enhancement to our portfolio and a tangible increase in the property’s value. Its updated amenities and stylish design positioned it as a desirable rental option in the sought-after Gorgie area, attracting tenants seeking comfort and convenience.

After Pictures

How to Get Involved

While the Moat Terrace project has already been completed and added to our portfolio, investors looking to participate in similar ventures can explore other opportunities within our growing portfolio. By partnering with us, investors can benefit from our expertise and track record in identifying and transforming properties for maximum value.


The Moat Terrace project is a shining example of our commitment to excellence and innovation in property investment and development. As we seek opportunities to enhance our portfolio and create value for our investors, we invite you to explore other projects on our website and join us on this journey of growth and success.

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