The Carrick Knowe Project

The Carrick Knowe project presents a unique opportunity to breathe new life into a property laden with untapped potential. Situated in the vibrant neighbourhood of Carrick Knowe, this project promises to unlock value and transform a once-constrained space into a desirable residence brimming with possibilities.

Project Overview

Originally designed as a 3-bedroom double upper, the property had to be sold as a 1-bedroom single story due to a lack of a building warrant for the staircase. Despite this setback, our team recognised the property’s inherent value and embarked on a journey to rectify the situation and maximise its potential.

Challenges Faced

The main challenge of the Carrick Knowe project lay in navigating the hurdles surrounding the staircase issue. While the staircase was compliant and operational for over 30 years, the absence of a building warrant posed a significant obstacle to realising the property’s full potential. However, drawing from past experiences, we knew there were ways to address this challenge effectively and cost-efficiently.

Investment Details

Funding for the Carrick Knowe project was secured through private investor finance, allowing individuals to participate in a promising investment venture. Investors received a percentage return on their initial investment.

How to Get Involved

Investors looking to participate in similar projects can partner with our company to capitalise on lucrative investment opportunities. By joining forces with us, investors can benefit from our expertise and track record in identifying and transforming properties for maximum value.

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