Revitalising Charm:

The Haymarket Project

Nestled within the coveted Dalry Colonies of Edinburgh, the Haymarket project presented a unique opportunity to transform a historic property into a lucrative Airbnb hotspot. Despite the desirability of Colony houses in Edinburgh, this property, situated at the end of a pedestrianised lane, required extensive renovations that many buyers might find daunting. However, we saw its potential and embarked on a journey to breathe new life into this charming residence.

Project Overview

Our goal for the Haymarket property was to leverage its prime location and transform it into a sought-after Airbnb destination. The property underwent significant internal rearrangements to maximise space and create an inviting guest atmosphere. Key renovations included:

  • Removing walls to create open-plan entertaining spaces.
  • Adding cosy features such as booth seating and a log-burning stove.
  • Converting the living room into a luxurious principal bedroom

Media Coverage

The Haymarket project garnered significant attention, even making headlines in the Edinburgh news due to the extensive work required to bring it back to life. Read the article here.

Challenges Faced

Due to its unique location, we encountered many challenges throughout the project, from difficult neighbours to delivery issues. Additionally, unexpected structural problems arose, requiring quick thinking and innovative solutions. Despite these hurdles, our team remained resilient, driven by the vision of creating a genuinely exceptional Airbnb property.

Investment Details

Private investor finance played a crucial role in funding the Haymarket project, allowing individuals to participate in a lucrative investment venture.

Project Execution

The transformation of the Haymarket property was nothing short of remarkable. We expanded the living space by adding a large dormer and two additional bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs. This strategic enhancement elevated the property to a 3-bed, 2.5-bath oasis in the heart of bustling Haymarket, just minutes away from tram and train stops.

After Pictures

How to Get Involved

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The Haymarket project is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in property investment and development. As we continue to identify and transform properties with potential, we invite investors to join us on this journey of growth and success. Please explore our website for more information on our past and ongoing projects, and contact us to discuss investment opportunities further.

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