Restoring Grandeur:

The Transformation of Western Terrace

Nestled within the tranquil ambience of Murrayfield, our first real renovation project beckoned with promises of restoring a once-unloved property to its former glory. Little did we know, this project would mark the humble beginnings of our property journey, setting the stage for a passion that would shape our future endeavours.

The Unintentional Flip

Western Terrace wasn’t just any old renovation project for us—it was the start of something unexpected. Purchased initially as our own home, we naively underestimated the extent of the work needed. What began as a dream quickly became a daunting reality as we embarked on a year-long transformation journey. For months, we found ourselves showering at the gym late at night, having prematurely ripped out the bathroom at home. With no central heating, evenings were spent huddled around a fire in the hallway and sleeping on a blow-up bed. And to add to the chaos, we welcomed two energetic fox-red Labrador puppies into the mix. Looking back, it’s a reminder of the naivety and determination of youth.

The Birth of a Passion

Despite the challenges, we poured our hearts and souls into Western Terrace, creating a home that exceeded our wildest expectations. Four years later, we decided to sell—and to our amazement, we were met with a significant profit. This unexpected success ignited the spark of passion for property within us, propelling us into a world of renovation and investment.

Project Overview

Western Terrace, a large three-bedroom terraced house, was a testament to bygone elegance. However, years of neglect had taken their toll, with extensive dry rot plaguing the property, exacerbated by a neglected roof that allowed water ingress. Our mission was clear: rejuvenating this historic residence and breathing new life into its weary walls.

Challenges Faced

The restoration of Western Terrace presented significant challenges, chief among them being the extensive dry rot that spanned the property. Treating the rot and replacing the dilapidated roof was paramount to restoring structural integrity. Additionally, outdated electrics and heating systems necessitated urgent replacement, ensuring the property met modern standards of comfort and safety

Project Execution

With essential structural repairs completed to render the property wind and watertight, we focused on optimising internal space. Opening up the dining room and kitchen created a spacious, open-plan living area, while a dark pantry was transformed into a light-filled laundry room. Upstairs, creative use of existing space allowed for the addition of a downstairs W/C and a loft staircase leading to a home office nestled within the converted loft.

Finishing Touches

With the structural and spatial transformations complete, we focused on the cosmetic details. Every wall was plastered, providing a fresh canvas for the property’s rejuvenation. Installing a new kitchen and bathroom added the final touches, blending modern convenience with timeless elegance.

Success Metrics

Completing the Western Terrace project marked a triumph of restoration and revitalisation. By preserving its original charm while integrating modern amenities, we enhanced the property’s allure and positioned it as a coveted residence within the tranquil surroundings of Murrayfield.

After Pictures

How to Get Involved

Investors looking to participate in similar projects can partner with our company to capitalise on investment opportunities. By leveraging our expertise and track record, investors can benefit from attractive returns and the satisfaction of contributing to revitalising iconic properties in Edinburgh.


The transformation of Western Terrace stands as a testament to our commitment to preserving architectural heritage and breathing new life into historic properties. As we continue our journey of restoration and rejuvenation, we invite you to explore our portfolio and witness the timeless elegance of our renovation projects.

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